Other Services

La Ventana Bay Properties is proud to offer our professional sub trades for hire.  We offer free estimates and all of our trades persons have social security.  We would like to remind you that if a worker is injured on the job while working on your home you are personally responsible for their wellbeing.  It is for this reason that all of our sub trades have social security provided so you are not personally responsible for any accidents that may happen while they are working on your home.

 Our Services include:


   The hot desert climate and harsh sun is hard on paint and it can break down even faster if a lesser quality paint is applied.  A fresh paint job can make your house feel new again, and if you’re thinking about putting your house on the market a fresh coat of paint is money well spent.

 Roof Sealing

   Don’t forget to seal your roof every few years!  It is very important to use a reputable product that has the right elasticity and reflective properties for your roof.

 Plumbing & Electrical

   Our qualified plumbers and electricians are available for their services. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about your home or are looking for an update or more information.

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